In an effort to provide excellent service and convenience to our patients, we provide automatic email and text message appointment reminders. It’s easy to confirm your appointment from an email or your phone! Follow these simple instructions to let us know that you will keep your appointment:

  1. You will receive an email reminder from (and text message, if you do not confirm through the email) seven days before your appointment. You must click on “Confirm Your Appointment” in the email, or tap on the link in your text message (example: Please confirm: – this link will open the browser on your phone – click on “Confirm My Appointment”). NOTE: Do not reply to the text message, as our system is not programmed to receive incoming text messages.
  2. If your appointment is not confirmed with one of these two reminders, one more email and text message will be sent to you3 days before your appointment.
  3. If you do not confirm your appointment from the email or text message reminder, we will call you two days before your appointment. Your appointment must be confirmed by 12 p.m., two days before your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.
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