Dr. Patel Voted Best Physician in Southwest Orlando for Second Consecutive Year

Thank you to all of our patients for voting Dr. Patel the Best Physician in Southwest Orlando for the second consecutive year! Here are some of the reasons why Dr. Patel won: Greater access to care for his patients. We are open until 9pm on weekdays and until 5pm on Saturdays.  In-house X-ray, lab, specialty imaging, and dermatology services saving patients time [...]

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Testing

We’ve all heard the term “substance abuse”, but what does it really mean? Substance abuse can be defined in many ways, but is most commonly defined as abusing (excessively using) drugs, alcohol and even tobacco. Substance abuse tests are commonly required by employers of potential new hires. Read on to find [...]

Ear, Throat and Sinus Infections

Your ears, nose, and throat are all part of your upper respiratory system. They share anatomy and have similar mucus membrane linings, which means they are able to get similar infections. Understanding the anatomy of your ears, nose, and throat will help you know how to keep them in good health [...]

State of West Orange County Real Estate | Niral Patel, M.D.

Niral Patel, M.D., was one of the six panelists at the West Orange County Appraiser's "State of West Orange County Real Estate." Watch as he discusses information about Windermere Medical Center. Request An Appointment Meet Our Staff More About Our Services

Protecting Your Skin from the Summer Sun

During the summer, you may to like to go to the beach, go to a water or theme park, enjoy a picnic outside or even just go for a stroll outside. While you’re outside soaking up the sun, you should be sure to protect your skin. Protecting your skin from the sun can help prevent the premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, cataracts and skin cancer. You can protect your skin by applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing and staying in the shade.

Dr. Niral Patel Meets U.S. Surgeon General, Among Others

Niral Patel, M.D., with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. In June 2015, Niral Patel, M.D., attended the AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) Annual Convention here in Orlando. While there, he got to meet three incredible people. Dr. Patel met the 2014 Noble Peace Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi who is [...]

Windermere Medical Center Patients Achieve a Combined One Ton of Weight Loss

We recently hit a huge milestone at Windermere Medical Center! Over the last 12 months, we have had ONE TON of weight loss (2,200 pounds) with our patients! Benefits of this massive weight loss have been: Lowered bad cholesterol and triglycerides Improved fasting glucose levels Lowered blood pressure Normalized lab values in our pre-diabetic patients [...]

Avoiding Injury in the Workplace

More than 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by employers in 2013, according to the bureau of Labor Statistics. There were also more than 4,500 fatal work injuries in 2013. Workplace injuries can cost both an employer and employee time and money. Whether it’s a minor injury such [...]

Lesser Known STDs and Treatment Methods

More than half of Americans will have some form of sexually transmitted disease (STD) in their lifetime, according to the American Social Health Association. In light of STD Awareness Month this April, we wanted to share some of the lesser known STDs. While STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes are [...]

What Happens During a Pre-Op Evaluation?

Before you schedule your surgery, you have to schedule what’s commonly referred to as a pre-op evaluation. Below, we’ll explain what happens during this appointment at Windermere Medical Center to ensure you are prepared for a safe, successful surgery. What is the Purpose of a Pre-Op Evaluation? The preoperative evaluation is [...]