Your Role in Your Health


Your role in your health does not stop once you leave the doctor’s office. You are one of the most critical members of your own healthcare team, and proper self-management can help to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Niral Patel, M.D., founder of Windemere Medical Center and a board-certified internal medicine physician, believes when patients [...]

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Workplace Injuries


Injuries in the workplace are very common and in some instances can pose a serious threat to quality of life. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is estimated that 629,000 workers are injured in the workplace. Common Workplace Injuries Occupational injuries can be categorized in many ways including injuries [...]

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The Truth about Chiropractic Care


Is chiropractic care all it’s cracked up to be? Depending on the source, there are varying degrees of just how effective a chiropractor can be to achieve short and long-term pain relief. So, what should you believe? It’s proven that doctors of chiropractic medicine help millions of people recover from various types [...]

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